Portrait of my Daughter

The Prayer

The Prayer

Monday, June 27, 2016

My lovely daughter, Cara, out running amongst the rose bushes on a hot summer day in Africa.
Oil on wood panel, 40cm x 30cm

My web site still isn't ready but I finally found someone I feel is extremely capable and it will be up within a month or two. Can't wait to start streaming myself painting.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2015 Paintings

The Dream
Some of my oil paintings and Charcoal drawings of 2015.

About Portrait Painting

With an eye for detail and the ability to convey their vision to an artistic medium, the portrait artists are experts who can transform an image into a work of art. While known as an artist, the portrait painter takes that definition and makes it so much more.

Separating a good portrait artist from a bad one can be tricky. While many people claim to hold this talent, only a true artist can capture a feeling and translate that into their work. The ability to do this with a portrait can be more difficult than it sounds. Not only must the painter get to the heart of their subject’s personality, sometimes they will need to add personality to a subject that is lacking in this area.

Subject matter in portrait painting is as diverse as the artists who paint these portraits. It is important to see samples of work relating to the focus you are commissioning the artist to paint, as a client of an artist. While some are more adept at painting animals, others will be better at portraits that include landscaped backgrounds. It is important to have a firm understanding of the areas of expertise of the artist you choose to hire. By taking this extra step, you will most certainly be rewarded in the quality of the work you receive.

Having a portrait painted is an excellent way to keep a memory alive. Personalized portraits make excellent gifts ideas and are often revered as family heirlooms. Because of their priceless nature, if only in sentimental value, it is important to take time when commissioning portrait artists. By having a firm grasp of their style and areas of expertise as well as establishing an excellent working relationship, you are sure to end up with a keepsake that will bring years of enjoyment.